Thursday, July 10, 2014

It is here!

So here is a picture of me with my iPad mini probably playing subway surfers. As you can see I got a style squad beanie too, as one of my prizes! I was very engrossed in it then because I literally had just got it!

So what I actually have to do now is make another mood board but in a different way. They, meaning Ackermans, gave me a gift card of R250 to go to their store. But not their clothing store. Their Ackermans home store! So I have to pick one room in the house, and I have to by a new duvet cover and stuff like that, and then I have to take a photo of it and send it to the style squad and I think then they put it on my blog for me!

I did it!

So you guys know how I entered that Ackermans competition? Well, guess what! I won! So here you can see me with my official parcel from Ackermans so I can do my proper first challenge! And yes of course like I told you I won so I got a mini iPad!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Ackermans Competition

So you guys know how I told you about the Ackermans fashion competition? 
Well good news I got in!  
So our first task is to make a mood board. 
They are going to give us all the stuff we need like scissors and magazines and stuff like that. 
What they are gonna do is choose the top ten girls and boys and those twenty are the ones that make it to the finals! 
We have until the end of May to send it to the Ackermans style squad. 
We find out who made in June. Here is an example of a mood  board I liked so I decided to do a post on it. I think it is absolutely stunning!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Passions

I have a new passion in life. Running. It is quite a challenge fashion wise. Though I am glad I have a new challenge. It is something new to do in life. This photo was taken about 2012. I could not find any recent though so that is why. Here I am crouching by the lake in our estate. I call this post "New Passions".

Pink and grey pants: Maxed
Grey,pink and white running shoes: Maxed
Lumo pink and grey running  tank top: Maxed

( Maxed is a Mr. Price brand)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sweet Chic

This is one of the looks I wear often in summer.  It is very easy to pull of and comfortable. I call this look "Sweet Chic". I love the print of the dress. I think it is very vintage. My two favourite colors are black and white so this look I like very much.

Black and white dress: Mr. Price
Black satin pumps: Woolworths

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hippy Chic

This is me waiting for my mom.
 This look I put together is very hippy like. 
I call it the hippy chic look. 
It's mixed together with all different kinds of pinks and purples as you can see. 
It is very comfy aswell.

Dark pink tank top: From Woolworths
Purple leggings: From Woolworths 
Brown boots: From Pep stores
Purple,pink and white jacket: From my aunt

Monday, April 7, 2014


When did you first know you loved fashion?

I think I was about five or six when I discovered I loved fashion.

What inspires your designs?

Mostly just what other people wear. I hope you don't think its copying! I get inspired by other famous fashion designers too.

What is your favourite outfit?

Well I really can't choose! its a little difficult for me. Every day brings a new idea.

Do you have a favourite fashion designer?

Well yes I do. He's technically not a famous fashion designer though. He was on Project Runway.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Looks

Some of  my normal looks. Posing  and trying out looks to enter the Ackermans fashion blogging 
competition! You are only allowed to enter ONE picture! 

Black beany: From Mr. Price
White vest: My design
Black and white shorts: From Mr. Price
Ripped Black footless tights: From a dancing shop
Black patent leather boots: From Ackermans

This is the look I actually picked.
Brown twisted bead headband: From Mr. Price sport
  Black high low skirt: From Jet
White vest top: My design
Black ripped footless tights: From a dancing shop
Black patent leather boots: From Ackermans

Black peplum top: Mr.Price
Cream lace skater skirt: Mr.Price 
Black ripped footless tights: From a dancing shop
Black and silver stick necklace : my mom's actual flash drive she uses to put stuff on
Black patent leather boots: From Ackermans

Friday, March 28, 2014

The block heels

These are my very first adult pair of heels! They are block heels. When I finally reached a size three I realized I could look in the lady's section of shoes. I really love these shoes. I ordered them online.

Patent leather maroon block heels: From Mr. Price online

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Soft Grunge

This is a look I came up with with a little help from my mom. 
It's a very laid back look and it is comfortable. 
I call this look soft grunge. This look was for shopping in Blue Route mall.

Cream mesh love top: From Mr.Price
Soft green pants: From a shop in Grahamstown
Black patent leather pumps: From Woolworths
White vest top: From Woolworths

Monday, March 24, 2014

Boho Chic

This is another one of my favourite morning looks.  I call it Boho Chic. 
The look looks as if it is flowing. I absolutely love it! This is me at my piano lesson.

Yellow flower headband: From Woolworths, Plettenberg Bay  
Grey throw over vest: From my mom
Sweeping beige top: From my older cousin
Cream lace skater skirt: From Mr.Price
Brown boots: From Pep Stores
Pale pinky cream jewelry: Borrowed from my mom

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Shirt

This shirt is the very first item of clothing I made! it was very simple. I have crafts in the morning and the craft was designing our own shirts. We popped out to the mall and bought white vest tops from Pep stores. When we got back we had fabric paint and stamps to use already. All I did was get a heart cut out and used a stamp that looked like lace and just stamped it with black fabric paint. On of the mom's there helped sew real black lace around it. Bam! done. 

White vest top: From Pep stores
Heart design: By me

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Casual Cool

This is one of my favourite looks. A look for going to tap dancing on a cold day. 
It's one of my classic looks for my modern and tap. Casual but cool.
Snood: From Jay Jays
White vest top: Hand me down from my sis
Black hot pants: Dancing gear
Throw over grey vest: From my mom
Grey bracelet: From Langebaan
Black leotard bag: From Langebaan 

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Bag

This is a bag that my dad got me on our special trip. 
Each year my dad takes each of my siblings and I to stay overnight somewhere. 
Last year I got to go on a shopping trip and thats where I got this bag. 
It is made of black and white leather with gold buckles for the strap. 
It hangs quite low on me though I don't mind. 
I think it's really pretty. 

The leopard print dress you see there my mom got for me. I also like that.

Leopard print dress: From Jet
Patent leather bag: From Accessorize

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Casually Cute

This outfit was just a quick put together look that I came up with for a morning out. I always try to look my best when I go out. 

This particular outfit is not my favourite, as denim is not my favourite.  Although it is not my number one look I think it is still cute.

Scarf : gift from my aunt

Purple bolero jacket : from my 'aunt' in England

White vest from Woolworths

Denim skirt : hand me down from a friend.

Brown boots from Pep Stores